Architects, interior designers, real estate agents and property developers

We can assist you in creating an attractive 3d visualization of any space and object you need

  • - Architects and Interior Designers. We offer more than the creation of photo-realistic 3D presentations of the space and objects. We will also create the feeling of coziness and comfort, and choose the most effective views. 3D modelling offers your customers better spaces and volume visualisation. Once your client see the actual picture, he can get a clear idea if the output is actually what he required or some changes would make it perfect. 3D image will help your customers to make a decision. At request we can also offer object virtual tours (360°).

  • - Architectural Tenders. Architects know that presentation plays a key role in an architecture competition. Photo-realistic 3D image with all the details, where you can distinguish materials and gets a clear idea of environmental integrating, offers a unique rendering. We can work out a realistic 3d visual presentation of the object you need emphasizing its advantageous features and create a vivid image. We can also offer 3d animation of the featured object, which allows your clients to look at it from different points. 

  • - Real Estate Agent and Property Developers. We offer to develop a specialized demonstration website for a single object or a group of objects. Such technical solution will contribute to a better perception of the featured object as the customer gets a clear visual demonstration without complicated blueprints and documentation. The customer gets a detailed round view of the object, sees the lay-out of each level of the building and is able to make a virtual tour round the apartment. Our 3d presentations allow you to seduce and convince prospects and customers. A good 3D perspective, it is not a simple schematic reproduction of the real estate project; a work of enhancement has to be achieved so that the future buyer is immediately attracted by the simple view of the perspective.
Architectures, interior designers and  real state business people.

Advertising agencies

We offer a wide range of services:

  • - We create 3D objects for promotional materials
  • - We create a company logo and corporate identity
  • - We can develop a website for your customers
  • - We make an outstanding photocollage
  • - We produce special effects for the commercial trailers(vfx).
  • - We make a visual image of the decor and the celebration scene for an Event agency
  • - We can visualize display stands for exhibitions
  • - We can organize a photo session of high complexity
  • - We can make high quality photo retouching
Advertising agencies

Electronic shops, furniture manufacturers and other industrial companies

For furniture and appliance designer we can create a realistic 3d object presentation showing its advantageous features . We can also elaborate object 3d animation , which allows your clients to look at it from different points. 
Vivid demonstration of your products is a necessary condition for effective sales

  • - We can develop 3D models of the required objects
  • - We can make animation of the featured object
  • - We can work out animation of the objects for you to demonstrate their basic functions
Electronic shops, furniture manufacturers and other industrial companies


Unfortunately, it is impossible to offer you a common price-list as far as each project is unique.  The project cost depends on the complexity degree of the technical task. But we guarantee the best possible professional performance and affordable price.